June 24th – 2nd trip out on the board!

I got out on the board again this morning, 2nd time out. Previously I was out at Coombe Cellars and managed a peak of 2s standing on the board. I didn’t just fall in fro my feet though, I also did a lot of falling in from my knees while trying to get on the board 🙂

This time, BIG IMPROVEMENT! I managed abut 15s a few times. I might actually stop counting while I am up on the board next time 🙂

Video below of one of my standing up efforts. Not 15s but you get the idea.

Still a fair way to go but I am making progress. This time I was up for 2s pretty much everytime I stood up. So hopefully next time 15s will be more like the minimum and I can mabe even start moving forward in the water. I also now know two places locally to go and try this stuff out which is great. So… more chances to get the practice I need.