Wing foiling vs Surfing – a perfect match?

As a surfer, wind surfer or kite boarder, you’re always looking for new ways to enjoy the waves and get the most out of your time in the water. Enter wing foiling – a new sport that’s taking the surfing world by storm.

So what is wing foiling? It’s basically a cross between surfing and kiteboarding with a hydrofoil attached! It’s also the perfect way to get an adrenaline-fuelled ride without the need for a big wave or strong winds. All you need is a foil board (Top 10 wing foil boards article coming soon), a wing (essentially a small handheld kite), a hydrofoil, a bit of wind, and you’re good to go. You can get started with a paddle board and a wing if you like and lots of places are offering lessons or rental equipment so you can give it a go before you buy.

The beauty of wing foiling is that it can be done in any conditions – flat water, choppy water, even small waves. And because you’re using a foil board, you can get up and ride almost instantly, without the need to paddle for miles.

So what are the downsides? Well, wing foiling is still a relatively new sport, so it’s not widely available yet. And it can be quite expensive to get set up, with a good foil board, wing and hydrofoil costing upwards of $3000 (£2400). But don’t worry – we’ll be putting together a guide to the best wing foiling kit for beginners on a budget and how to find 2nd hand gear for your first year or two on the water.

We will be expanding this guide as we learn more! Check out our guides below [most coming soon!]